Blog Response 6

Participation within contemporary digital culture certainly varies. I believe this course offers us tools and ideas of how to actively participate although it is left up to us how we want to utilize those tools. I perceive myself to be an active participant and active online interaction within this course. The various social media websites we have so far been given to use as tools include; Twitter, WordPress blog, Meme generator, Sakai, Storify, Pinterest, and we are encouraged often to reflect on other websites or forms of social media we are active on. I certainly believe that if participation is done effectively it is emancipatory and a giant tool that can be used to be a successful student and a well informed individual.

Participation is measured depending upon its effectiveness and consistency. To be a successful participant in this course you must engage in utilizing all of the tools that have been offered to us and utilize them to further engage yourself in the course and every assignment. If you create a Twitter account for the course, that is great, but if you don’t utilize that account to communicate with your professors and your peers then you aren’t utlizing this tool to the best of your advantage. Such as with WordPress. If you simply create a blog and post test documents, you aren’t fully understanding the site and utilizing it for all it has to offer. I think research into the tools offered to us as students in this course is mandatory in order to not feel overwhelmed and instead to feel emnacipated.

I think that there are no trade offs to participation. Particularily in a course or a field of work such as this. It is necessary to participate actively online and more importantly understand how to participate on all the various websites and social media networks. For example, WordPress and Twitter operate much differently. With Twitter you can tag your classmates, and your professor if you have a question to an assignment or you can offer recommendations to fellow peers by hastagging Comm2f00. Word press however is most effectively utilized to post your assignments, although you can add tags to your work which helps others locate your posts ore quickly.

As put by Hands, “We do not have a single internet anymore, but rather a multiplicity of distinct platforms,” (Hands, 2013).

This meaning that we do not have one single way to participate online, rather we have many different ways at our fingertips to effectively participate (for example social media websites, forums, chat rooms, blog opportunities). I think that since being given the opporunity to learn how to feel liberated and effectively participate throughout this course I have felt myself sashaying between the lines of being a user and being a produser. I love how I feel throughout this course while participating online. I will admit before I took this course I found even Twitter alone overwhelming; thus why I no longer had a Twitter account. This course has taught me how to use the tools available to me effectively and to MY benefit; whatever that may be.

Before I began this course in May I truthfully didn’t know that I would be able to create my own meme; and have a great time using the “Memegenerator”. My boyfriend and I actually got a kick out of it. Also, sinbce reflecting on my internet usage prior to this course by creating my Storify reflection I realize I was slightly paralyzed by all that the “Internet” now has to offer. It is crucial to instead make yourself knowledgeable on how you can effectively participate and emancipate yourself. I have learned that I can use Twitter to catch up on news quickly by simply searching the topics by hastag (for example the tag  #Torontonews offers me an adbundance of quick news posts regarding my city).

I know that this course has opened my eyes and made me a more effective online participator and a better student. Throughout the rest of the course I plan on continuing to engage effectively as well as participate with the Sakai forums. I think that any opportunity to communicate with peers is a great idea and this course has offered us many opporunities to do so. Technology is our future; there is no denying such statement. So I think it is important that we grasp everything that we possibly can and inform ourselves of all the different tools available to us and use them to our advantage.

After this course I intend on partcipating online by creating my own lifestyle blog. I have always kept a journal and I think that this would be a great way to continue this while I travel, finish my studies, and continue my learning of the “online world”.



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